July 25, 2024


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This Wild Electric Bike Transforms into a Snowmobile – Review Geek

This Wild Electric Bike Transforms into a Snowmobile – Review Geek

Ready to handle the dirt and snow.

electric motorcycle in the grass.

Daymak, a Canadian-based company making everything from ebikes to electric cars and scooters, recently announced a wild new product. The Daymak Combat is an electric motorbike that can double as an electric snowmobile.

The new Combat ebike has a unique look: a short, chunky, super fat-tire electric motorcycle with huge headlights, full suspension, and tons of power. It looks similar to the Volcon Runt, honestly, but with a few tricks up its sleeve.

This all-terrain electric vehicle can quickly switch from wheels to skis and a snow track, letting owners take it anywhere. Check it out in the video below.

Unfortunately, we don’t know much about the bike or the snowmobile, except that the idea is bonkers. Daymak didn’t say much regarding how owners will convert it to a snowmobile other than the conversion should take “about an hour.”

We’re assuming that includes removing both wheels, attaching skis to the front with a few bolts, then wiring up and attaching the rear parts. Once you’re done, it’ll be ready to go from the dirt-covered paths in the woods to hitting fresh powder.

As for specs, the Daymak Combat has a top speed of around 44MPH, a range of 50 miles (70 km) thanks to its removable 4.8 kWh battery, and a 5,000W motor, which gives it tons of power.

As you probably imagined, it’s not going to be cheap. Daymak says 100 Founders Edition Combat models will be available for $14,000, and deliveries begin in the summer of 2023. If you can wait until later in the year, a $1,000 deposit will save your place in line for the “Deluxe Edition,” a retail model that’ll be $15,000 when it’s released.

Either way, this looks like a crazy and fun machine to ride.

via Electrek