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The Best Reasons to Own a NAS Device – Review Geek


A Synology NAS on a green background.

A devoted NAS gadget is form of like a cloud server for your home—it allows you back again up and access details by the world-wide-web. But NAS products are far more than just glorified challenging drives. With minimal work, they unlock a entire world of functionality for laptop or computer nerds, movie snobs, songs enthusiasts, or even small firms.

We are not heading to deal with the finest NAS units today, nevertheless we will describe how they perform and some of the best factors to individual a person.

What Is a NAS Device?

At its most basic, NAS or “Network Connected Storage” is just file storage which is related to your home internet. Authorized units inside and exterior of your property can use this storage to wirelessly again up, download, or stream files.

It is sort of like owning a super-quick Dropbox server in your household. Apart from a NAS unit can go considerably more than Dropbox—you can use NAS to build your possess streaming support, experiment with VMs (great for web hosting a Minecraft server), backup the entirety of your personal computer (which includes settings and preferences), or instantly send copies of backup details to other storage answers.

Corporations like Synology, TerraMaster, QNAP, and ioSafe market purpose-created NAS devices, which are compact and vitality-successful personal computers with enormous slots for really hard drives or SSDs. These focused NAS gadgets are uncomplicated to set up and easy to use.

To be clear, the functions listed during this post do not call for a goal-made NAS product. You can allow community file sharing on any Laptop or Mac, for case in point. And if you have an outdated computer system, Raspberry Pi, or NVIDIA Shield lying close to, you can transform it into a NAS product.

But I generally advise buying a objective-made NAS from a brand like Synology or QNAP. Not only is setup a lot easier with a “real” NAS, but you’ll end up using a whole lot a lot less electrical energy. Reason-produced NAS products are electrical power-productive, compact, and quiet—three items that you can not say about a repurposed Computer system. (That claimed, I will shout out some choices all over this write-up.)

Accessibility Your Documents on Any Product, Any where

You know how there’s a “Network” tab in the Windows and macOS file technique? When you established up a NAS, you can use that tab to access its contents from any laptop in your dwelling. Backing up and retrieving information involves almost nothing more than a drag and fall, and you can open files from the NAS straight into programs like Microsoft Term or Photoshop.

Other products, these types of as smartphones or safety cameras, can also access these documents. And when you want to retain matters non-public, you can use password safety or a firewall to your NAS unit (or password-defend unique folders).

If you want to choose items a step additional, you can even permit distant accessibility on your NAS. This permits you and other authorized end users to accessibility its contents from anywhere in the world. If you’re a musician, for example, you can use a NAS to swiftly share or collaborate on tasks with other folks (and get pleasure from fairly fast upload and download speeds).

Now, port forwarding and distant entry come with some stability worries. If you determine to enable distant accessibility on your NAS, I advise programming some firewalls and location up your NAS device’s VPN functionality to reduce the hazard of ransomware and facts loss—you can’t remove this danger, so please consider it severely. (You ought to also make backups of your backups, which we’ll get to in the future portion.)

Backups and Data Redundancy

A pile of hard drives with their discs exposed. There's nasty dust and fingerprints all over the drives.
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Most people today acquire a NAS machine to back again up info. Not only is it less complicated than lugging about a portable hard generate, but NAS equipment can create a RAID array that guarantees info redundancy. Generally, if one particular drive fails (and all drives fail sooner or later), your info is however harmless on other drives within just your NAS device.

You can even use a NAS to routinely back again up your full laptop or computer. Both of those the Backup and Restore software on Windows and Time Machine on Mac function with NAS devices, that means that you can wirelessly safe the contents, tastes, options, and functions of your computer in situation one thing goes improper.

Bear in brain that NAS products aren’t a 1-and-completed backup solution—you will need to have backups of your backups. Catastrophic push failures can occur even with a sound RAID set up. Household fires and other functions of God aren’t predictable. And if you enable remote entry on your NAS, there is always a tiny probability of ransomware.

I counsel subsequent the 3-2-1 rule make 3 backups of your information applying two unique media formats, and most importantly, continue to keep a person backup outdoors of your property. This is quite straightforward with a NAS machine. I routinely back again up my NAS’ significant information to a massive external generate (which I keep in a fireproof box), and select folders in my NAS instantly back up to Dropbox.

Construct Your Own Streaming Company

The Plex logo over a colorful background.

Devoted NAS gadgets are a well known possibility for media streaming, and with a services like Plex, you can construct your have streaming services for motion pictures, television displays, and tunes. All you want are media files, which you can rip from discs or obtain by way of the web.

Expert services like Plex turn your NAS gadget into a “media server” with deep customization attributes and automatic metadata retrieval (for motion picture scores, show descriptions, closed captions, album artwork, and so on). All units within just your property network, which include good TVs, can accessibility this media by the Plex application or webpage.

And if you want to acquire things to the up coming degree, you can help remote entry for your NAS-dependent media server. Family and buddies can stream content from the server regardless of their location—it’s truly like you manufactured your possess streaming provider!

Here’s the only concern much less expensive NAS equipment are not normally impressive sufficient for streaming (especially 4K streaming or simultaneous streams to a lot of products). If you strategy to use a NAS machine for media streaming, be positive to search at opinions and see what people today say about the effectiveness. (Ideally, they need to have no grievances about 4K streaming, even if that would seem overkill for your wants.)

To be clear, Plex is just the most well known option for house media servers. There are plenty of choices, together with Jellyfin, Kodi, and Enby.

I need to also point out that, for media streaming, a purpose-made NAS product may perhaps not be the most expense-successful or impressive solution (it is just the most straightforward choice, in particular if you have zero expertise). A repurposed Computer is great for media streaming, the NVIDIA Shield Television tends to make for a very successful Plex server, and electrical power buyers often opt for an Intel NUC computer system.

Access Gadgets On Your Residence Network from Everywhere

A photo of a printer. It's printing paper.

Just about every function-made NAS gadget supports VPN features, which you should completely help if you plan to accessibility the NAS from outdoors your residence. Location up the VPN server on your NAS device adds an additional layer of safety, aiding you stay away from ransomware assaults and other nastiness.

But this VPN server performance comes with a neat benefit—if you want, you can use it to remotely entry all products on your home community (LAN above WAN) with a nice minimal layer of protection. You could mail documents to your printer via this server, for occasion, or even entry documents in just your desktop computer system.

To be obvious, exposing your house community to the internet is a quite risky idea. And for the reason that NAS products are inclined to use out-of-date protocols (like old variations of OpenVPN), they aren’t exactly the pinnacle of protection. Most men and women will be fine, but some people will get screwed.

If you decide on to go down this route, remember to established up Docker on your NAS device to isolate the VPN server. As I’ll make clear underneath, this Docker can operate a VM with extra up-to-date security protocols, which ought to better guard you from hackers—you will under no circumstances have 100% security, although.

Experiment with Digital Devices

The Docker logo on a white background.

Here’s a very area of interest factor you can use Docker to experiment with digital equipment on your NAS system. Accomplishing so will isolate the VM from other components of your NAS device, and more importantly, it opens the door to new capabilities and new encounters.

A digital machine or VM is specifically what it appears like—a laptop that you emulate by means of software package. Let us say that you are a Mac consumer who needs to play a Windows XP match. In its place of ruining your Mac with unusual software program and partitioned drives, you can just use Docker to run a Windows XP VM on your NAS Device. You can then obtain this VM from your Mac, both via your local network or a remote link.

Developers can also use a NAS Gadget to check purposes for modern-day working devices, like Android or Windows 11. And if you want to operate a little something like a Minecraft server from your NAS device, Docker can isolate it with the suitable software package and whichever protection protocols you wish to use.

And if you just want to increase protection for remote connections, Docker’s your ideal pal. Use it to set up a VPN server with up-to-date protection and other capabilities.

Now, a reason-built NAS product could not be the most cost-powerful or powerful choice for VMs. You can use a Raspberry Pi to operate light-weight VMs, for instance, and a repurposed Computer may perhaps be the ideal selection for far more demanding digital machines.


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