Forget the Bronco’s off-road chops, look at this gadget mounting bar – TechCrunch

The 2021 Bronco knows you have gadgets, and it’s here for them. Located above the dash, before the windshield, is an accessory mounting bar. Mount your iPhone here. Attach your radar detector or GoPro or dashcam or whatever. It’s fantastic, and I hope similar solutions comes to more vehicles.

The Ford Bronco has a lot going for it, and this simple accessory bar is a tidy detail that tells a story. Ford knows its buyers.

Look at the Jeep Wrangler. New from the dealership, it’s a blank canvas on which owners tack on commercial patio furniture countless accessories and accouterments. From new fenders to racks to cameras to stickers, many owners endlessly customize the vehicle to their liking.

On the other end of the spectrum are everyday vehicle owners from truck owners to sedan drivers. Everyone has a book profits cell phone, and most vehicles do not have a dedicated

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