May 29, 2023


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New OS For Commodore 64 Adds Modern Features


The Commodore 64 was a groundbreaking personal computer for its working day and age. Immediately after 4 many years, even though, it gets more difficult and harder to use these computers for something much more than instructional or pastime electronics tasks. [Gregory Nacu] is fiercly identified to obstacle this idea, although, and has gone to great extremes to make this components however appropriate in the modern age by creating a absolutely new operating method for the Commodore devices.

Recognised as C64OS, it squeezes every thing it can out of the 8 little bit processor and 64 kB of memory. The new OS involves switchable desktop workspaces, a windowing system, draggable icons, a Mac-fashion menu bar at the top rated, and drop-down menus for the icons (regarded as aliases in the demonstrations). The filesystem is mainly revamped as very well and allows a much more modern listing method to be utilised. There are nonetheless some limitations like a screen resolution of 320×200 pixels and a fastened color palette which only makes it possible for for a handful of hues, but this OS could give Home windows 3.1 a run for its income.

The job is however currently being actively produced but it has arrive a prolonged way into a reasonably usable state. It can be operate on authentic hardware as well as extended as you have a strategy of receiving the graphic to the antique equipment someway. If not, the OS can probable run on any selection of C64 emulators we have showcased in the past.

Thanks to [Stephen] for the suggestion!


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