December 2, 2022


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How To Save Money with AMAZON FBA?

How Do I Save Money Shipping to Amazon FBA

Have you ever heard of the Amazon FBA? If you have not, then today I’m going to tell you about it. The Amazon FBA stands for “Fulfillment by Amazon”. FBA is a fulfillment service offered by Amazon. It allows Amazon sellers to ship their inventory to an Amazon warehouse where it is stored, picked, packed and shipped by Amazon when an order comes in. 

Here are some benefits of using the Amazon FBA. When your inventory is sold, Amazon will receive that product from the warehouse where it is stored and will then send it out to the buyer. This means that there is no need for you to worry about shipping or handling the item yourself. Also, since the product is being sent out directly from Amazon, this increases your chances of getting more sales as customers usually prefer products that are shipped out immediately. 

This can help you increase your profits! Another benefit of using the Amazon FBA program is that if a customer has a problem with one of your products or has received a damaged item, they can contact you directly and ask for a refund or replacement. You will be responsible for shipping costs and handling fees. However, with FBA there are no shipping costs involved so you don’t have to worry about paying extra, 

Amazon FBA has been an incredible asset to lots of online businesses. As a matter of fact, I only sell on Amazon and use no other sales channel. There are a few reasons I love Amazon FBA, but the most important one is that I can make money from day 1. With eBay and Etsy, you have to send traffic to your listings and hope that people buy. With Amazon FBA, you’re automatically found in the search results for terms related to your products.

Couple of options to save money on amazon FBA

Reduce your shipping costs

If you’re shipping your inventory into Amazon from another location (like me), then you’ll want to find the cheapest way possible to ship your products into Amazon. I used to use a fulfillment company, but they charged me $2 per box no matter how much it weighed. Whenever I had a heavy box, it was extremely expensive! Now, I have a virtual assistant who schedules courier pickups at my house each month. We print shipping labels online through or UPS and get discounts on shipping rates! On average,

Reseller Shipping

If you’re a reseller, you can use FBA to fulfill your orders. This saves you time and money because Amazon does the packing and shipping for you. You can focus on sourcing products and managing your business instead of wasting time boxing up packages to mail yourself. When you use FBA, your customers get their orders quickly and reliably.


Another benefit of using FBA is that your items will qualify for “Prime” shipping. People who have a Prime membership get unlimited two-day shipping on eligible items, so they’re more likely to buy from sellers who offer it. Plus, Amazon offers customers free standard shipping if their purchase is over $35, so all FBA items are eligible for free shipping even if the customer doesn’t have a Prime membership.

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