December 6, 2022


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How to Find the Right Dedicated Server Hosting for Your Business?

Which server is best for your business? | by Ridube | Medium

Dedicated Server Hosting is considered to be the royalty in the world of web hosting. It is the oldest form of web hosting, and is still going strong. A Dedicated Hosting Server hosts only one site at a time and reserves all its resources for it. 

When you’re out to buy a Dedicated Server for your website, you must remember that you need more than merely competent technical expertise to make the most of it. Else it is just a waste of money.

The key to the high performance of Dedicated Servers is in-depth configuration. The Dedicated Hosting setup offers full root access which can be used to tweak server settings and get the best performance out of them. When you buy a Dedicated Server, you can also choose your hardware configuration based on your website’s needs. A Dedicated Server in India is available in multiple configurations, so you get a lot of choices.

Let’s look at how you can find the right Dedicated Server Hosting for your business.

1. Understand your business’ hosting needs

Even before you start looking at Dedicated Servers, it is essential to understand your business’ web hosting requirements. It is best to buy a hosting service according to your needs rather than trying to reshape your business to fit a hosting service. When you get the right tool for a job, it reduces wastage and ensures efficiency. This task calls for a complete due diligence carried out by a domain expert who can match required specifications to available resources. Careful consideration at this stage can save much hassles later on.

2. Choose between managed or unmanaged

This is a crucial consideration. Managed Dedicated Hosting costs more than the unmanaged version. But it comes with high quality technical expertise that can configure your server for high performance and keep it in peak condition with regular maintenance and updates. On the other hand, if you already have the expertise, you can save some money for yourself. If you do choose unmanaged hosting, know that you alone are responsible for your server’s performance. Choose carefully after taking all aspects into consideration.

3. Look for SEO-friendliness

SEO is an important activity to ensure the maximum exposure for your website. The choice of a hosting platform can have a significant impact on your website’s SEO score. The faster a hosting platform performs, the better it scores in SEO. Search engines also look for inconsistencies, consistent uptimes and overall accessibility while awarding SEO points to a website. Dedicated Server Hosting passes the test on all these parameters and makes for an SEO-friendly web hosting platform.

4. Check security measures

Though all Dedicated Hosting providers bundle some level of security with all their plans, they are not equally effective. Some providers offer basic security to save money, while there are those who charge exorbitantly for top-of-the-line protection. It is important that you find the right balance – robust security at reasonable prices. Check whether a provider offers SSL certificates, backup service and encryption tools. Security is extremely important for a website, doubly so if it handles financial data.

Buying a Dedicated Hosting Server for the sake of it won’t help your website. Find the right Dedicated Server for your business and configure it to get the best out of it.