May 29, 2023


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Foam Cutter Moves Like A Hot Knife Through Butter


Make more than enough attempts to lower foam working with whatever you have bought — utility knife, hacksaw, serrated plastic knife — and you are going to would like challenging for some thing that cuts cleaner, more rapidly, and superior. While there are all types of strategies to create a scorching wire foam cutter, this layout from [jasonwinfieldnz] is each exciting and imitable.

If you really do not already know it, nichrome wire is nifty things which is commonly available in thrift keep hair dryers and toasters. It stretches as it heats up, and shrinks as it cools back down.

The interesting component of this make is that as an alternative of using a spring to keep pressure on the nichrome wire, [jasonwinfieldnz] designed and 3D-printed a bow out of PLA that does the position elegantly. While [jason] was at first worried that the bow could possibly soften, he found in apply that though the bow does get warm to the contact, it is nowhere close to hot sufficient to even warp.

One wonderful touch is the easy fence that rides along two slots and secures with wingnuts. We also like that [jason] produced this foam cutter largely from scrap material, and instead than obtain a spool of nichrome, he opted for a skinny heating ingredient and pillaging the wire.

If you are a nichrome noob, know that it does not choose considerably juice to do the career. Even however a computer electricity source is what [jason] had lying all around, it’s finish overkill, so you would certainly want to limit the present-day. Examine out the establish movie immediately after the break.

Even now not portable plenty of for you? All you genuinely require is a 18650, some nichrome, and a number of bits and bobs to keep it all alongside one another.


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