February 23, 2024


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FengShui Gifts To Give To Your Dear Ones or Bring Home 

Feng Shui Tips for Good Health — Expert-Backed Feng Shui Home Advice

You must have heard or read the term Feng Shui? To put it clearly for you, it translates as “wind-water” in English. It is an ancient Chinese practice to harmonize individuals with their surroundings using energy forces. Feng Shui practices are widely conducted in India as well because of their proven healing benefits. The experts of this matter also believe that there are certain Feng Shui items and gifts that one can keep at home or gift to balance the negative forces. Here is a list of Feng Shui gifts:

  • Lucky Bamboo: Potted Lucky Bamboo plant is a Feng Shui plant. You would often find it under this category while buying it from online nurseries. Lucky Bamboo coming in 2,3, and 4 layers, is quite popular indoors. Each stalk represents different meanings, like 2 is for love, 3 is for health, wealth, and long life. Lucky Bamboo attracts auspicious Chi energy. Preferably a Lucky Bamboo plant should be kept in the East direction. To keep it flourishing, change the water frequently and provide it with indirect sunlight. You can order Lucky Bamboo plant online or a combo of Bamboo plant with Ganpati murti online, or Laughing Buddha as these compliments it well.

  • Tortoise: You must have come across gifting portals selling tortoise and wonder what’s the hype all about. Tortoise or Turtle is a FengShui symbol signifying long life. There are certain areas where you should place the tortoise to reap the benefits of longevity, happiness, and prosperity. You can place FengShui Tortoise in offices or homes. A golden tortoise on a plate serves as a decorative item. People also wear tortoise rings. Tortoise made of wood, resin, mud, or metal can be kept or gifted.

  • Evil Eye: Evil Eye is a traditional Feng Shui symbol to stimulate good luck. It is also believed to ward off any evil and negative energies. If not completely ward off, it will indeed neutralize the effect. Evil eye hangings, keychains, accessories like pendants, bracelets, earrings, rings and other evil decoratives can be gifted for positivity. You can buy for yourself evil-eye inspired jewellery. Not only is it beautiful to wear, but it will also act as your protective shield as well.

  • Three Legged Frog: It is a Chinese symbol to attract wealth and prosperity. It is also known by the name of the Three-legged money frog. If you wish someone lots of wealth and fortune prosperity, it is the best gift for them they will treasure forever. You can shop this for your home or office as well. It is connected with long life and good luck. In all, it is the perfect Feng Shui symbol to gift or have in your life.

  • Laughing Buddha: The most common Feng Shui decorative gift or adorned in a home for years. Laughing Buddha is found in many homes and offices. The happy face of the laughing Buddha spreads cheerful vibes and brings along vibrant, auspicious energy into space. It is said that it is better to receive or give a Laughing Buddha than to buy yourself. So, try gifting it for the good of your dear ones. Laughing Buddha comes in different poses, having different meanings. The sitting posture is considered to be a symbol of love and balance. The standing represents riches and happiness. Know

  • Chimes: Chimes are hung on doors. Wind chimes are liked because of the soothing sounds produced by the flow of wind. Feng Shui chimes are a harbinger of all good virtues. The one with metal coins is said to be an excellent cure for financial losses. You can give a coin chime for the office or home. There are different chimes for different purposes, so make your pick wisely.

  • Crystal Lotus: This Feng Shui Lotus have a powerful romantic aura. It will bring good luck to romantic partners or the ones wishing to indulge in romantic associations. People place it in the home for money. There are many other benefits of Lotus. Crystal Lotus will make for a good showpiece.

  • Mandarin Ducks: Mandarin ducks are popular love birds. It is best to be gifted to a couple or someone who is looking for love. Bless them with this pair of ducks. It also symbolizes a happy married life and can be gifted by you on someone’s wedding day or anniversary. It would surely make for a striking decor piece.

  • Dream Catcher: A dream catcher is known to keep bad dreams at bay. It is often hung over the beds. It comes in attractive designs and colours. You can gift or buy one for your room if you get bad dreams at night.

  • Feng Shui Crystal: It has eight sides and is known to bring eight different blessings. The stunning crystal produces marvellous results in the areas of money and fortune.


Gift or bring home to change life for better and good.