July 19, 2024


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Download The Classic & Most Popular Puzzle App On Google Play

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Puzzle games are classic games that have been around for numerous decades. They are very popular due to their fun and mind-teasing nature. If you are looking for a game that can put your mind in a good shape, then the puzzle game is the perfect game for you. 

Nowadays, there are plenty of puzzle games such as Picross that you can download on Google Play Store, and play them whenever and wherever you wish. In this article, we are giving you some of the classic and most popular puzzle games you can download on the Google Play Store.

  1. Tetris

Tetris is undoubtedly one of the classic and most popular puzzle games that have been available for decades. It was created in 1984 by Alex Pajitnov. Tetris has evolved over the years, with many versions created. 

Playing Tetris is addictive, mind-stimulating, and relaxing. This makes it a perfect game to help you relax after a long day at work. You can download the free version. However, it comes with plenty of ads. So if you want to play this world’s greatest puzzle game without any interruptions, you can get rid of the ads with a $5 in-app purchase. Of course, there is no doubt that Tetris is a puzzle game that is a must-have for any player out there who loves puzzle games. 

  1. Sudoku

Sudoku is also another classic and popular puzzle game that has been around for decades. It is believed to have been designed in 1979 by Howard Garns, a retired architect, and freelance puzzle constructor. The modern Sudoku brings the daily newspaper to your mobile phone. In the Sudoku puzzle game, the player needs to arrange numbers both horizontally and vertically. The grid is 9×9 with numbers ranging from 1 to 9. You must ensure that each grid doesn’t have the same number. This is the only way you can make a perfect Sudoku. The Sudoku puzzle game is not only fun, but it is also a mind-teaser, making it a perfect game for putting your mind to good use. 

  1. Jigsaw puzzle

This is also one of the most popular puzzle games available. Jigsaw puzzles have also been around for decades. They come in various sizes to suit every player’s experience. Jigsaw puzzles are fun to play, addictive, and improve thinking skills. So if you are looking for a perfect puzzle game that can help you relax after a long tiring day, you can try playing a jigsaw puzzle. One of the main things that make jigsaw puzzles unique is that it has numerous versions, and it can be played by anyone regardless of their age. 

You can download a jigsaw puzzle on Google Play Store for free and enjoy playing it on your smartphone in the comfort of your home. 

Final thoughts

There you have it- some of the top classic and most popular puzzle games available. You can download any of these classic puzzle games on the Google Play Store and enjoy an amazing gaming experience.