July 21, 2024


Technology can't be beat

Customer Retention On Your E-Commerce Website

Getting customers to your webstore is sometimes the hardest thing to do in all of the business world. When they actually get customers there, you want to make sure that you keep them there and increase every opportunity to sell them something. Making sure that the website flows in a theme that is easy to navigate and easy to figure out. Also, every piece of the webstore should be as fast as possible. Making an E-Commerce website these days and having it way too slow is just not going to be good enough to make a profit from it. 

There are many ways you can increase your customer retention when it comes to your E-Commerce Webstore. From user experience to speed and quality of products/services available. Check to see if you’re going to be able to make the changes you need with your current web host. If not then you might consider switching to a decent website hosting service. We are in love with Bluehost and make sure to switch as many existing accounts we get over to the as soon as possible. They have a standard SSL that comes with their hosting packages. This is crucial but their customer service is nothing to be laughed at either. With 24/7 customer service and top-notch professionals doing the work it is a no brainer. 

When you in the business of selling stuff online you should consider making sure you have a fast checkout system. So, they have many different ways to make this happen but you can consider them and choose for yourself. Your E-Commerce website check-out should have a simple and efficient way to checkout. Include features for shipping and product options that are easy to understand and execute.

Another way that every website, even ones that are not E-Commerce webstores, should collect customer E-Mails. Getting a list of active customers E-Mails might not sound like much but when you consider that these guys have already purchased this product from you they would be the most likely to purchase another time from you. This is where your store should continually market through E-Mail. This will help retain the customers that you have and make sure they get everything they want and sometimes more. Gifts and presents and all their friends can also benefit from the relationship.

Sometimes it comes down to the right place at the right time, when we are talking about customers wanting or needing to come back. So when this is the case you should always consider having a perpetual ad showing on social media. Social media platforms are all set up perfectly to sell E-Commerce products/services. Most will even integrate with your webstore seamlessly and you can sell on both platforms or more. New E-Commerce websites should all get their Google Search Console account and their Google Maps Account set up properly and promptly. These stats help you determine the search terms used for customers to find your E-Commerce store. This will help you determine how to make sure you sell as many of them as possible when they show up to your website. Give web design a call today and see the custom E-Commerce webstore design they can make for you.