April 19, 2024


Technology can't be beat

An Advantageous Technology-Cloud

 A technology which enables storing data online is called cloud storage. The benefit of the cloud storage services is that you don’t have to buy any additional storage devices or you don’t need to make a huge investment in mass storage servers. Instead, you have a better option at your disposal which is to store the professional and personal data on the web servers owned by cloud service companies.

In recent years a significant number of companies have done Ellucian migration to clouds for advantageous services as well as variety of benefits and add-on features. With the help of any device having an active Internet connection, you can access to your data anytime and at any location. The cloud storage services are not accessible to certain devices instead it supports multiple devices such as computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones. It is economical and affordable because it has pay per use service that is you will have to pay only for the space you consume. You can add on to the storage by an upgrading storage option, anytime by contacting the service provider.

The data can be worked by a number of people simultaneously in the form of group. Cloud storage service also facilitates you to view the documents, have an access to files and folder, make changes to the documents and give feedback accordingly provided you are the part of group. To have an access you shall also have details required to log in the cloud account. The changes are automatically updated and can be viewed by the other members of group. You can also undo the changes and restore the previous document. Through a custom private link or with special permissions granted from your account, you can facilitate your colleagues and group member to view the files. You can also specify the file you want them to see and keep the others confidential.

The more storage devices connected to your computer, the more damage it causes due to viruses and other poorly scanned files. With the help of cloud storage service, one can make sure that the extra cost incurred on the purchase of external storage devices is saved.  You don’t have to carry the storage devices with you while travelling because all your data is only one click away from you. It saves your disk space and you do not need to buy external hard disk, USB disk drive and CD/ DVD ROM. Your server works efficiently and without any exposure to damages due to external storage devices. To prevent your data against data thefts and hackers, cloud technology companies provide password protection, file encryption and other security features. They act as a safeguard against hackers. You pay for what you use and you don’t pay for what you will eventually use. The packages these cloud services providers offer are in accordance with all types of users. A choice of cloud service provider is a crucial choice because you don’t want to risk your confidential information.