5 best student internet packages

Student Internet Deals And Tech Discounts For 2020

Internet and education goes parallel to each other. Internet is a source of information that gives endless options to students from which they can learn a great deal. We need a good internet connection that will help us to learn better and will not cause any problem while the students take the online classes. When you face internet issue like speed lags you also lose your focus on the lecture that is being delivered, it is important to choose the internet package that is according to your usage.

Spectrum is a provider that has different packages and they have different costs. You can make a call and ask the spectrum customer service rep about the packages, deals and promotions that they are offering at your location. Their customer support is available 24/7 and you can contact them anytime you want. You can make a quick call or do some chat online with a Live rep that is available at the right bottom corner of the screen.

Spectrum has many advantages, first we will give you the details about the promotional packages and then we will mention their features and benefits.

One thing to keep in mind before choosing any package:

When you have to choose any internet package you should be aware of the speed if that is good enough for your usage or not. Sometimes we fail to mention important stuff about our requirements and the kind of usage that we will have with our internet speed that causes internet speed lags in future. What you can do is that you can make a small note of how many laptops, Smart TV, Mobile Phone or Tablets you will like to connect at the same time and how many students are there at your home who will be taking the online classes along with the number of people who will be working from home. These minute details are crucial as our usage defines the speed requirement of our internet. Also, let us tell you another thing which mostly people don’t know or they are not aware of it, you should always give the accurate home address where you want the services, provide the exact address to customer service rep because the packages and promotions that Spectrum offers varies from address to address.

Internet Packages options:

The amazing thing about Spectrum is that you get a very high speed internet as the base internet speed that is 100 Mbps per sec that too at very affordable price of $49 per month. 100 Mbps per sec allows you to connect up to 8 devices at the same time. You can use it for work and for your classes without facing any intrusion. Spectrum provides another option of 400 Mbps per sec for almost $56 per month that is a very high speed internet package. The highest internet Speed is 1 Giga Byte that is lightning fast internet speed. Spectrum gives you these 3 options to choose from.

Other benefits that you should know:

Sometimes there are special offers for students too, for that you can ask the customer service rep or make a call again when they offer it. You get free internet modem with Spectrum and free access to nationwide Wi-Fi hotspots as well. There are no contracts required at all and no hidden charges.

You do have one more option which is economical and they use DSL technology

CenturyLink Packages

They have multiple options available, you can choose any option that you want. For a 100 Mbps internet package they will charge you $40 almost and for 1 Gig they will charge you around $80 per month. The best thing is that you will be getting promotional discounts for life. There will be no bill raise. With them, you will not be required to sign any contract and you will get a huge data limit of 1 TB. You will also get free activation and discounts on monthly equipment rental as well. You can easily connect multiple devices with their internet through their Wi-Fi router.

Wrapping Up,

No one can deny that there are endless opportunities available online for students, the only thing is that they should be able to utilize it properly. If parents play an active part and monitor their younger kids, they can make them learn new skills in a much better manner. Moreover, now the internet is a necessity. Spectrum is offering some great promotional discounts on the internet and they are known for their affordable rates. They give you contract-free internet services and if you think how I will install my Spectrum internet? They will send in the equipment and you will just need to plug it in. You can keep their internet services for as long as you like without paying an ETF.

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