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The ultimate EDC guide of 2020 » Gadget Flow

It’s a big world out there. And when you venture from home, you want to be sure you’re prepared with all the right gadgets for any small hiccups that might come up. That’s why today we’re presenting you with our ultimate EDC guide of 2020. Read it to find the best gadgets to help you tough out any situation.

Part of your morning routine involves checking your pockets to make sure you’re carrying all your essential items: phone, keys, wallet, hand sanitizer, and maybe a Band-Aid or two. The list could go on. When you’re out, you never quite know what you’re going to run into, but you like to be prepared. We all do. So we think you’ll be excited about our ultimate EDC guide of 2020.

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Since COVID-19 hit, your EDC collection has probably changed and become even more essential. Nowadays, you’ll want a gadget that will help you open public doors and type on number pads. We’re talking sanitary gadgets like the Talontag and HygiCard that you’ll find below. But a lot of things have stayed the same. You’ll still want to look professional. And the Rollova rolling ruler and a cool insulated mug might just be the things you need.

The point is, everyday life can be tough, especially if you’re unprepared. But you don’t have to be. Not if you’ve got a couple of these everyday carry gadgets in your pockets. Have a look and see how much better life outside the home can be when you’ve got all the right gear.

Lékué Filtered Bottle To Go Activated Charcoal Filterer

Make your water healthier with the Lékué Filtered Bottle To Go Activated Charcoal Filterer. This water bottle has an activated charcoal filtration system that will improve your water’s taste. Made of silicone and borosilicate glass, this bottle is easy to clean and sturdy. The neutral gray and black colors keep it modern.

Rekonect G1 Magnetic Notebook

The Rekonect G1 Magnetic Notebook actually lets you rearrange pages in pretty much any spot. That’s because the pages have magnetic edges that connect with the magnetic spine. In fact, this notebook with magnets actually showcases a unique way to blend analog and digital worlds. Keep essential notes like phone numbers, appointments, and measurements for your home remodel all in one place.

Rollova Digital Rolling Ruler

An essential entry on our ultimate EDC guide of 2020 is the Rollova Digital Rolling Ruler. This handy gadget can measure a wide range of surfaces, materials, and objects through its rolling motion. It takes the guesswork out of measuring irregular surfaces. Finally, it fits in your pocket for convenience.

Seagate One Touch SSD Tiny External Drive

Store all those movies you like to watch in off-the-grid locations with the Seagate One Touch SSD Tiny External Drive. It comes in a 500-gigabyte and one-terabyte capacities, both of which have maximum speeds of 400 MBps. Best of all, there are eight styles to choose from, including two options designed by Sam Larsen.

Jibbon Minimalist Key Organizer

We included the Jibbon Minimalist Key Organizer on our ultimate everyday carry guide of 2020 because it gives you a handy, stylish way to protect your belongings. With this pocket-size gadget, you won’t have to worry about your keys scratching your phone and other electronics ever again. This gadget has room for up to nine keys so that you can keep your house, office, and room keys all on one ring.

Melo Calming Gadget

Relieve your anxiety while you’re out with the Melo Calming Gadget. This device uses haptic feedback and patterns of light to guide you through breathing exercises, which will help to calm you down. Best of all, you’ll be able to carry this gadget with you anywhere with the keyring loop. The premium model has wireless functionality.

FLET Iced Drink Tumbler

Keep your drink ice cold all day with the FLET Iced Drink Tumbler, another neat item on our ultimate EDC guide of 2020. This stainless steel mug features a frozen stick that attaches magnetically to the inside of the cup, letting you enjoy your iced coffee for hours. It also keeps hot drinks hot for up to five hours.

FLET Iced Drink Tumbler

FLET Iced Drink Tumbler in a Car Cupholder

Dango Products Capsule Wide Tethered Coin Holder

All of your EDC gadgets have to be organized somewhere. And the Dango Products Capsule Wide Tethered Coin Holder will help you keep them tidy. This tool will stop your coins from clanging in your bag or pockets. It can also carry other essentials like pills and a tiny first aid kit. What’s more, the durable tether can reach six inches in length when woven and ten feet when unwoven.

Dango Products Capsule Wide Tethered Coin Holder

Dango Products Capsule Wide Tethered Coin Holder and an Arm

Native Union STOW Premium MacBook Sleeve

Keep your MacBook stylish with the Native Union STOW Premium MacBook Sleeve. This laptop cover features a high-quality coated canvas and a waterproof zipper. The external pocket is convenient for stowing things like passports, credit cards, and cash. It’s a great, everyday carry item.

Native Union STOW Premium MacBook Sleeve

Native Union STOW Premium MacBook Sleeve with a Woman

Talontag Flip-Out Brass Tool

Avoid touching germy surfaces with this gadget on our ultimate EDC guide of 2020, the Talontag Flip-Out Brass Tool. With its unique flip-out design, this tool keeps the antimicrobial brass hook and stylus covered. So you won’t spread the pathogens they pick up around your bag. The Talontag helps you open doors, operate touch screens, and use number pads.

HygiCard Antimicrobial Card Tool

The Hygicard Antimicrobial Card Tool is a sleek way to keep your hands off high-touch surfaces. This tool is made of antimicrobial brass and is smaller than a credit card. That means you can keep it in your wallet. Use it as a pull hook, touch stylus, and bottle opener.

Did you see any products on our ultimate EDC guide 2020 that you absolutely need in your EDC kit? I’m seriously considering that key organizer because I’m tired of devices in my bag getting scratched by my keys. Let us know which of these gadgets you’d consider carrying with you every day.

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