July 19, 2024


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Santa Rosa County football players with the most speed on each team: PNJ Summer Series

There are many aspects to building a successful football team, but speed is an irreplaceable aspect.

Whether speed is used for a breakaway touchdown, closing in for a tackle or scrambling to make something out of nothing, it’s evident when a player brings elite speed to the gridiron.

“If you’ve got speed, you’ve got all the cards,” Milton head coach Harry Lees said. “You can get away with a lot more things when you have speed. If you don’t have speed, you’ve got to coach a lot harder.

“When I came to Florida about 20 years ago from Alabama, I was amazed at the difference in speed. Kids close so much faster and those windows get tighter.”

Here’s a look at the fastest players on each team in Santa Rosa County, in alphabetical order by school.