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How to Print a Google Form

How to Print a Google Form

Google Forms are a digital solution for collecting data, however, sometimes you need either the form or the results on paper. You can use the built in features of Google Forms or use one of my Add-ons to have more control over the printing options. I will show you both ways for how to print a Google Form. Additionally, how to print out the results and comments you may have left in the quiz.

Print the Fillable Form

Sometimes someone can not fill out the Google Form online and you need a paper version.

If you want to print from Google Forms you will use the 3 dots menu from the Form edit screen. Choose Print.

No Control Over Print Options

Using the built in features of Google Forms you can print the Form as a PDF. It provides you lines to fill in the responses. However, you have no control over how much space is provided. Notice on my attempt to print my math final that it gives half the page for the questions “What is your first name?” and “What is your last name?” This ends up being 16 pages

How to print a Google Form 16 pages printing as a PDF

This question asks students to rate themselves on a scale of 1 to 5. It is presented vertically so that it is the only question that fits on the page.

Using Form Printer

Form Printer by Alice Keeler collects NO user data. Install Form Printer from Google Workspace Marketplace. Use the puzzle piece icon to select “Form Printer by Alice Keeler.” Select “Print Form.”

How to print a google form by using the puzzle piece in Google Forms to choose Form Printer by Alice Keeler

Form Printer Prints to a Google Doc

If you would prefer a Google Doc instead of a PDF then Form Printer would be the way to go. Since it is a Google Doc you have the ability to customize the print layout before printing to paper. Notice that Form Printer fit the same test on 6 pages instead of 16.

How to print a google form by using form printer by alice keeler. This is a Google Doc on 6 pages. The first 5 questions are on page 1.

Use Columns When Desired

Customize the Google Doc however you want. Adjust the margins. Change the font. One trick I use when customizing my Google Form is columns. This helps to save room by arranging lists horizontally.

Format menu columns selecting 2 column layout.

For short questions I can have 2 or 3 questions across instead of down.

In the Google Doc, First and Last name are side by side instead of stacked vertically.

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Quiz Helper

This same functionality is built into Quiz Helper.

How to Print a Google Form with Quiz Helper

In the edit screen of the Google Form use the puzzle piece select “Quiz Helper by Alice Keeler.” This will allow you to choose “Print Form” from the pop up menu.

Notice that unlike printing directly from Google Form a “rate yourself” question puts the options horizontally, saving a lot of room for printing.

Part 3 heading. Question 11 Rate yourself on how you did on the Launchpad book assignments. Poor 1 2 3 4 5 Amazing. The ranking options are left to right instead of top to bottom.

Printing the Form Responses

If the Form was filled out digitally you may want to print out the individual responses.

Printing Individual Responses from Google Forms

Click on the “Responses” Tab in Google Forms and click on “Individual.” There you can choose the individual response that you want to print. Use the arrows to navigate to the desired response or edit the response number to jump ahead.

Arrow to responses tab. Arrow to individual tab. Arrow to print icon

Click on the print icon to print that particular response.

This will print the individual response to a PDF, including the questions.

Since Google Forms will print to a PDF (or just print directly to your printer) you have no control over the layout. However, it is quick and easy to print out the individual result.

You can NOT print all the responses at once. You’ll need to click the printer icon for each response you want to print out.

How to Print Google Form Responses Using Form Printer

Use the Puzzle Piece at the top of the edit screen of Google Forms to select “Form Printer” and “Print Form.” This will give you the option to select “Print Single Responses” or “Print Multiple Responses.” Some features may require a premium membership.

Print Single Responses with the Form Printer logo. Button option for print single response. Print response with Form. Finish on paper

For single responses you will need the response number that you wish to print. When prompted, enter the number.

Form Printer also allows you to print all of the Form responses. The responses export to a Google Doc to allow you to format the responses before printing to a printer.

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Printing a Google Form

Google Forms has made many improvements over the years to printing a Form and Form responses. However, you will need to use Form Printer by Alice Keeler to edit the layout before printing.