October 2, 2023


Technology can't be beat

Here’s why your startup needs a tech partner:

The world is changing fast. With the number of startups that are growing rapidly, there are also those which are failing before they make an appearance on the scene. Though the age belongs to Startup Unicorns, innovation, and alternate ways of thinking, building a company often does not meet its desired end. 

The crux of the newspaper headlines contains startup stories that inspire you to think, innovate and build differently. But most of these businesses do not outlive their expectations. The numbers are conflicting. With more than 400 startup unicorns worldwide, 70% of startups fail.

Startup Genome analysts declare that 90% of all the startups under operation will fizz out sooner or later. But don’t let these stats demotivate you. If you want to succeed comprehensively as an entrepreneur, then it is time that you learn from the mistakes of your peers and not repeat the same. According to a reputed Website Design Company in Kolkata, India, every startup needs to outsource and think about viable alternatives to operate and perform efficiently.

Outsourcing is not a myth:

In 2016, nearly 69% of US entrepreneurs were found to have started their businesses from their homes. With these staggering numbers by your side, you too can! The difference between thought and success lies in the implementation, and having a tech partner will indeed make this section easier for you. 

Though it is usual for startups to try and cut corners constantly and save expenses, it is imperative for them to outsource. Startup enterprises should outsource their software development tasks just like big corporations. While several acclaimed brands used outsourcing to get their business off the ground, the lion’s share of these brands continues to delegate a part of their business to continue repairing profits and making things more efficient for them. Skype’s success is massively attributed to three Estonian developers who created the application back-end. 

While a startup project might develop from a unique business idea, there is often a scarcity of know-how within the team and in the market to solve the uphill tasks that have sprung in the middle of the startup journey. As a result, the best alternative is to outsource and hand over the specific tasks to market experts. 

Why are startups in dire need of tech partners?

According to Statista, the prime challenge of a startup to achieve success is to generate new business. As it stands, more than 82% of the entrepreneurs admit that they have the ideal qualifications and have backed up the correct experience to run a company.

Small Business Trends have revealed these statistics, saying that such businesses have performed well even with limited cash flow. Where does the confidence come from? Integrating the right technology partners to outsource your IT tasks and bolster your operations. If you are still doubtful, let us have a look at how a tech partner can give a startup the necessary boost. 

Outsourcing, Prototyping, and MVP Development:

The starting point of every software project is a prototype or an MVP- a Minimum Viable Product. While a prototype points to an incomplete version of the project, the MVP is an approximately completed version of the software project. The MVP guarantees user feedback, usage pattern collection, and enhanced decision-making about changes and improvements that need to be introduced. 

TechCrunch says that companies raise nearly three rounds of funding before they reach Series A funding. In such cases, putting the startup MVP development to an external expert will be the ideal thing to do, as it needs to stand out in the crowd. Not only does it help with the absence of a critical technical team or manager, but it also creates multi-dimensional approaches to a problem and finds out solutions to complicated tasks using expert minds so that you can focus on the other functions of your startup. 

Outsourcing website development:

The startup world is highly competitive. 2018 saw 30.2 million small businesses operating in the US alone. Therefore, to attract new customers and investors, a startup needs to develop each public-facing feature of its business. Thus, the startup website should be unique and stand out amongst the crowd. Let’s see why.

The startup website is:

  • A feasible information tool
  • An efficient communication tool
  • An effective promotional tool 
  • A tool that delivers a competitive advantage. 

Hence, you should be careful that your website has impeccable navigation, a modern design, and tells the story of an innovation that engages users and investors alike while increasing your click-through and industrial conversion rates. Integrating a suitable website design and development company will put wind in your sails and help you perform immensely well. 

Closing thoughts:

According to the Small Business Trends, only 2 out of 5 startups are profitable, and 1 in three will continue to lose money or break even. With such trends in mind, launching a product without a technical team is destined to fail. Therefore, the experts at a distinguished Website Design Company comment that you should hire the right partner who can take ownership of problems, provide solutions, is ready to take risks together, and strives to achieve the goals that you have established for your enterprise.