April 16, 2024


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Foresee the Digital Activity of Kids with OgyMogy

The online world is full of surprises, and kids are curious beings, so they surf the web for all kinds of things. It becomes difficult for parents to monitor them closely, especially if they are working parents. To make sure that kids are safe from malicious content present online, parents can now install OgyMogy on the devices of their kids. OgyMogy, as a sincere friend, will monitor their kids closely and will report them daily. Let see how OgyMogy can help parents to foresee the digital activity of kids remotely.

Records Social Media Activity

Kids are impulsive, so it is difficult for parents to know what they are searching online. Parents can block malicious websites, but they cannot stop their kids from signing out of their social media accounts. And kids have access to all kinds of content on these platforms so what parents can do, is to install OgyMogy on their devices and it will monitor them closely on their behalf. OgyMogy is all-rounder, so it provides a recording of all these social media platforms.


It’s a global messenger application, and kids are addicted to it. Kids use WhatsApp to communicate with their friends and teachers, where they send voice recordings and texts. As its use is every day, prohibited content is also shared on it where kids send them to their friend etc. To make sure that kids are not using WhatsApp to access this kind of content, parents can use OgyMogy WhatsApp screen recorder.


Kids love Snapchat, and they spend most of their time on trying out different filters etc. It has also become a socializing application where kids become friends of others and share streaks etc. It means that kids are having all kinds of friends on Snapchat. To make sure that they are not in contact with strange persons and are not sharing the personal images of their family members with them or their home address, parents can use OgyMogy to track the chats and streaks history of the Snapchat account of their kids.


It is unbelieving, but now even toddlers have their YouTube channels where parents post videos of them etc. Following the trend, kids and teenagers are also fascinated to become You Tubers. It means that they are online all the time seeing all kind of content. To make sure that kids do not see vulgar content, etc., parents can now install OgyMogy to record their activities on YouTube. Its features include recording the YouTube screen when kids are using it. It also lets parents see the browsed and watched videos. This way, parents can monitor the kids and see what kind of content they are searching.


With epidemic, online classes and exams were held by institutions all over the world. Kids were given lectures online with quizzes and assignments. Similarly, work from home became a trend too, where parents were also working from home. The hectic routine of doing work from home and watching kids at the same time become difficult for them. To make sure that parents can monitor their kids even remotely and see if they are attending the lectures, OgyMogy came with the recording feature where it records all the online activities of skype, zoom and teams. Moreover, it also informs parents about the complete history of texts and calls forwarded and received by their kids, respectively.

Tracks Browsing History

Parents usually block malicious websites and then feel relaxed as their kids cannot access them. But with all these social media platforms, the same kind of content is available without any limitations. To make sure that kids don’t have access to this type of content on any platform, parents can now ask OgyMogy to help them. It’s designed to help parents where it provides features like screen recording, location tracking and tracking of browsing history. It notifies parents the searches done by their kids along with a list of browsing history. Thus, it helps parents in monitoring the digital activities of kids.

With the era of the latest technology and numerous social media platforms, it has become difficult for parents to monitor the online activities of kids. Amongst all this, OgyMogy has come with its magical feature that lets parents monitor all kinds of online activities of their kids, whether it is general browsing or social media use.

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