April 18, 2024


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Everything You Need To Know About The Domain Transfer Process

In the world of web hosting in Australia and around the globe, most customers opt for website domain and hosting services from the same web hosting provider. It is preferred to have the same domain and hosting provider, but there are times when you might want out. 

What happens if your Australian Domain is registered with your web hosting provider, and you are not happy with them? Various reasons might make you unhappy about the hosting provider. It can be bad service, lack of security, high price range, unsatisfactory network, etc. 

This situation calls for a change in hosting provider and, therefore, you need to transfer the domain name!

What Is Domain Transfer?

The process of transferring your domain name from one domain registrar to another is called a Domain Transfer. When you register your domain name with a domain hosting provider, most probably your web hosting provider, you are connected to that provider through that registration. 

What do you need to understand about this procedure? Let us talk about everything you need to know about the process of domain transfer since initiating the transfer of domain names is the most important part, and one must be aware of it.

Domain Transfer Rules

  • Eligibility Criteria

Once you register your domain name for the first time, you cannot transfer your domain for 60 days. After you transfer your domain, you will have to again wait for more than 60 days in order to retransfer it to somewhere else.

  • Ensure Updation of Information

All the information related to your domain and domain name needs to be filled up and updated accurately. This is necessary in order to begin the suspension process.

  • Disable WHOIS Registration

In order to transfer your domain, you will have to turn off your WHOIS private registration. Private registration essentially protects your ownership from the public. In order for the new registrar to verify your rightful ownership, you have to turn off the private registration.

Domain Transfer Procedure

  1. Unlock The Current Domain Name

The lock and update features are locked in order to avoid any kind of unauthorised transfers. In order to transfer your domain, you will have to unlock the domain name. 

  1. Authorisation Code

Once you unlock your domain name, you will have to request an authorisation code, which you will find in the registrar’s control panel. It is a unique code that is used to verify and identify your identity. 

  1. Request New Registrar

Once the authorisation is completed, you can initiate the process and search for your preferred new domain registrar. YOu will have to provide the new registrar with the domain name, contacts, authorisation code, and other necessary information. 

  1. Seek Validation

Once that is completed, the validation process will begin. The new registrar will assess, analyse, and validate your information and proceed with the further procedure. You will receive an email with a link attached. That link will approve your transfer request.

  1. Make The Payment

It will take a few days to complete the transfer after you approve the transfer. Once it is done, you will have to complete the payment process. Once the transfer is done, you will receive an email on the administrative contact you have provided them with.

Ending Notes

You should ensure that you have a concrete reason for leaving your current registrar and transfer. There are not many eligibility criteria or rules once you get started with the procedure, but every step is essential. Keep these things in mind and begin your transfer procedure.

All the best with the domain transfer!