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We’ve got cleaner air than we’ve seen in decades and, like it or not, a slower pace of life. Both bring us closer to a sustainable future, something you might not want to give up once all this is over.  At Gadget Flow, we understand. That’s why we’re presenting you with our best smart living gadgets for sustainability. Check it out and take some steps toward lasting change.

You’re a concerned citizen, and you want to do your part to reduce your plastic, carbon, and chemical footprint. And you’re cheered on by the effects reduced transportation has had on our air quality; the sky looks brighter than ever. But you know that if the good changes are to last, you’ve got to find a way to integrate a more eco-friendly lifestyle into your everyday routine. That’s where these best smart living gadgets for sustainable living come in.

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On this list, you’ll find a sustainable laundry machine that reduces your carbon output. It operates via a foot tap instead of electricity. How cool is that? And earbuds made of recycled plastic prove you can still listen to music and be kind to the environment. You might also want to check out this list of eco-friendly products that Grace and Frankie would love that we wrote earlier this year.

Change is never easy. But like Mom always says, good things don’t come easy. So check out these cool, smart living gadgets and see that it really is possible to live the good life, sustainably.

Drumi Sustainable Laundry Machine

One of our best smart living gadgets for sustainable living is the Drumi Sustainable Laundry Machine. This gadget washes your clothes vigorously and effectively without electricity. Simply fill it with your clothes, add detergent and water, then tap it with your foot. It’ll reduce your carbon use and save you money on electricity and water.

Tesla Solar Roof Sun-Powered Shingles

Probably the ultimate sustainable gadget for your home is the Tesla Solar Roof Sun-Powered Shingles. They come with a 25-year warranty and are solar roofing tiles that capture the sun’s energy for use in your home. This gorgeous roofing actually stores solar energy in each tile and not in an unsightly panel. So you’ll still have the most stylish home on the block.

Tesla Powerwall Home Battery

Power your home with the Tesla Powerwall Home Battery, a home battery that gets its electricity generated from solar panels and powers your home in the evening when solar energy isn’t available. It also keeps you protected against power outages since it supplies backup electricity. Easy-to-use and compact, Powerwall lets you be independent of the utility grid. This device is offered in a 10 kWh weekly cycle and 7 kWh daily cycle models.

Hamama Microgreens Kit

You love your microgreens, but you know the waste they generate from plastic packaging is harmful to the environment. Grow your greens with the Hamama Microgreens Kit. Just water the Seed Quilt once, and you’ll have fresh, healthy greens for your salads and sandwiches anytime. Best of all, the sprouts grow well indoors next to a window or even just in a well-lit room.

Bluetti AC200 Portable Solar Power Station

Another of our best smart living gadgets is the Bluetti AC200 Portable Solar Power Station. This gadget lets you charge up to 17 devices at once. With AC, DC, Type-C, USB, and wireless ports, you’ll be able to charge all of your devices sustainably since you can recharge it using the power of the sun. It can even handle larger appliances like a refrigerator, coffee machine, or power tools.

Grouphug Designer Window Solar Charger

You don’t need to outfit your home in pricy solar gear to harness the sun’s energy. The Grouphug Designer Window Solar Charger provides a way for you to get it from your window conveniently. This bamboo frame sticks using a suction cup and has a built-in rechargeable 3,400-mAh battery that absorbs power throughout the day and night. As a result, it lets you charge your iPhone up to two times and an Android phone 1.5 times.

PICO Self-Watering Palm-Sized Garden

The Pico Self-Watering Palm-Size Garden is another of our best smart living gadgets that will help you enjoy fresh herbs at home. This indoor garden takes the guesswork out of gardening since it provides the perfect amount of water and nurtures plants with performance-efficient LEDs.

Soma Sustainable Pitcher & Plant-Based Water Filter

You won’t be adding more waste to a landfill when you buy Soma Sustainable Pitcher & Plant-Based Water Filter. This gadget is 100% compostable since its casing is plant-based. But most of all, this product is beautiful, and each filter can clean 40 gallons of water. Drinking purified water has never tasted so good.

Soma Sustainable Pitcher & Plant-Based Water Filter

Soma Sustainable Pitcher & Plant-Based Water Filter on a Coffee Table

The House of Marley Liberate Air Sustainable Wireless Earbuds

You can have high-quality devices without hurting the environment, and The House of Marley Liberate Air Sustainable Wireless Earbuds prove it. These earbuds last nine hours when fully charged. And they can handle your daily activities since they’re sweatproof and waterproof. Would you believe they’re also made of recycled plastic and bamboo?

Slate-ish Recycled Paper Wall Tiles

Get an incredible, natural look to your home without using limited slate materials with Slate-ish Recycled Paper Wall Tiles. This gadget comes in four different styles and is made from reclaimed scrap materials. Just adhere it with clear silicone adhesive. Finally, these paper wall tiles are great for accent walls or for lending a rustic feel to an entire room.

I hope you’re inspired by this list of the best smart living gadgets for sustainable living. I’m seriously considering that electricity-free washing machine. Who would’ve thought such a compact device could give you fresh, clean laundry with no electricity involved? Do you already own one of these gadgets? Or have other recommendations? Let us know how they’re working out for you.

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