June 18, 2024


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Best bathroom gadgets you never knew you needed » Gadget Flow

Let’s face it: no one really likes bathrooms. They’re a pain to clean and expensive to maintain, and it seems like the faucet always has a leak. But there are ways you can make this unloved room a more pleasant space. Check out this list of the best bathroom gadgets you never knew you needed and actually enjoy your time in there.

Looking around your bathroom, you might think you’re pretty set. You’ve got a scale, a mirror, a shaver, plumbing that works . . . what else could you ask for? But what if you gave your bathroom gadgets the same consideration as, say, your work desk accessories? Then you might deck it out a little differently. That’s why today we’re presenting you with our list of the best bathroom gadgets you never knew you needed. Because who likes thinking about the bathroom?

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From an ergonomic bar of soap to a smart bathroom mat that doubles as a scale, we’ve got a list of useful bathroom items that will make the time you spend caring for yourself much more enjoyable. You may never have thought about springing for a toothbrush that sanitizes itself. But when you think of it, such a toothbrush would be a nice thing to have.

So, if you’d like your bathroom gadgets to do a little more for you, read on.

PomaBrush Silicone Electric Toothbrush

Keep your teeth sparkly with the PomaBrush Silicone Electric Toothbrush. It has an all-silicone head and body so it’ll feel soft and lightweight in your hand, and the silicone bristles will gently clean and massage your teeth. Best of all, the PomaBrush can last for four months on a single charge.

Methven Rua Handset Shower Accessory

Another of our best bathroom gadgets is the Methven Rua Handset Shower Accessory. It will make your daily shower a whole new experience since its technology delivers a water spray that achieves maximum body contact. So you’ll feel calm and stress-free after every shower. Also, the aerospace polymer construction keeps the water temperature balanced while you use it. Finally, this showerhead consumes minimal water so you can shower more sustainably.

Methven Rua Handset Shower Accessory

Methven Rua Handset Shower Accessory spraying water

TETRA SOAP Ergonomic Soap Bar

Tired of your bar of soap slipping from your hands while you wash? You’ll want to get the TETRA SOAP Ergonomic Soap Bar, another of our best bathroom gadgets you never knew you needed. This unique soap bar has a tetrahedron shape that fits perfectly in your hands, preventing slippage. This soap also dries quickly, ensuring that it doesn’t turn scummy.

Mateo Smart Bathroom Mat

Replace your bathroom scale with something better: the Mateo Smart Bathroom Mat. This gadget is a bathroom mat and a scale in one gadget. So when you place your feet on its footprints, it will automatically log your weight. And you can check the results whenever you want from the connected Mateo app. Furthermore, this smart bathroom mat also has a bio-impedance analysis system that provides information about your muscle-to-fat ratio.

Andis Women’s Trimming Line Shaving Kit

The Andis Women’s Trimming Line Shaving Kit is one of our best smart bathroom gadgets that’ll keep your skin smooth and stubble-free. It comes with six pieces for you to use in different areas of the body. There are also four blades depending on the length of the hair. Best of all, it runs for an hour without needing a recharge. Bid unwanted hair goodbye forever.

Braun Series 9 Electric Shavers

The Braun Series 9 Electric Shavers will be one among your most convenient bathroom gadgets ever. That’s because they last for a full month on one charge. The series includes five models, all of which work on both wet and dry skin. Additionally, they come with a leather travel case that will keep the shaver compact and tidy when you travel.

SuperBlue Toothbrush by Dylan Fealtman Sanitizing Teeth Cleaner

Keep your toothbrush sanitized with another of our best bathroom gadgets, the SuperBlue Toothbrush by Dylan Fealtman Sanitizing Teeth Cleaner. This gadget gets clean from the UV light case that holds it when it’s not in use. Just plug it in when you’re done brushing to remove debris and bacteria. This is also an excellent toothbrush for people who frequently travel since the case keeps it secure and clean.

Minimalist Bamboo Self-Draining Soap Dishes

Your soap will always stay clean and scum-free with the Minimalist Bamboo Self-Draining Soap Dishes. A stylish, airy addition to your bathroom, this soap dish effectively drains excess water and bubbles through the slats at the bottom. This way, your bar of soap will be fresh and dry every time you pick it up.

We hope this list inspired you to reconsider the gadgets in your bathroom. This list proves that there are things that can help you make your bathroom a more pleasant place. Let us know your favorites below.

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