5 Key Visuals for Attracting New Customers to Your Business

5 Key Visuals for Attracting New Customers to Your Business

When a new venturecomes onto the business scene, its owner needs to properly prepare it for the stage. 

If we compare a small-business context with show business, we can say that you won’t reach success if you don’t draw people’s attention to your enterprise. 

The most efficient way of reaching this goal is to apply appealing visuals throughout your digital marketing channels. 

In the next few paragraphs, we’re going to present the five key visuals that will help you attract new customers to your business. 

  1. Logo, colors, and fonts

Your business logo is the first thing that your leads and potential customers will notice. Therefore, you need an impactful but straightforward logo. Avoid complicated logos that are hard to understand for your potential audience. Also, make sure not to plagiarize any existing logo. Of course, you should analyze the logos of your competitors, but only to see how they decided to present themselves to the public. 

The inputs you collect that way, together with these tips for creating a business logo, will help you create a recognizable business symbol. 

In addition to the logo, you’ll need proper colors and fonts to represent your business. Again, check what combinations of colors the most important players in your niche are using. You should be different from them, but not radically different. It’s necessary to retain a certain level of expectancy in branding that people have for your field. 

Finally, define the fonts you want to use and make sure that they’re not protected by copyright. Perhaps working with a graphic designer is the most convenient way of making these visuals for your business. 

5 Key Visuals for Attracting New Customers to Your Business
  1. Original, in-house visuals

As the Internet is growing, we’re entering a new stage of its life: the age of authenticity. 

So, the more genuine your business visuals are, the better response you’ll get from your target audiences.

In line with that, business owners should take original photos and post them to their website, blog, and other digital channels. 

From your business premises to conferences, trade shows, and meetings, there are many options for you to create attractive images to represent your enterprise. 

When you’re preparing visuals for your website, make sure to optimize the images to keep the pages fast and responsive. 

  1. Consistent presence in social media

Social media are important aspects of marketing for modern businesses. If you’re active on social networks, you’ll be more visible. Therefore, your chances of winning over more customers will be higher. 

First and foremost, use the authentic, in-house visuals described in the previous paragraph. If you use them to promote your business, it will draw more attention than just posting general pictures from stock photo websites. 

Moreover, make stories on Facebook and Instagram to inform your audience about the current affairs in your business. 

Write blog posts that will cover the latest trends in your field of work and make them visually attractive. Share these informative and appealing articles on your social media pages. 

  1. Infographics, illustrations, employees’ photos

In the last few years, infographics have become important and practical visual features for presenting business data. 

In line with that, business owners should create infographics whenever they’re presenting statistical data and analyses. You can use them as standalone blog posts or include them in various articles and guides you share on your website. When your visitors see an infographic on statistical data, it’s more likely that they’ll read through the entire post. And the longer they stay on your website, the better chances are that they’ll engage with your business in a professional way. 

Apart from that, illustrations and graphs in your blog posts and product sections are practical additions to your overall branding agenda. 

Finally, include your employees’ photo in a separate section on your website, where you’ll present each of them and describe what they do in your venture. By putting your workers in the foreground, you’ll show your potential clients that you’re a caring and modern business owner. Such things will improve your reputation and chances of landing new clients as soon as possible. 

  1. User-friendly website

Even if you cover all the bases mentioned in this article so far, you still won’t use the potentials of your visuals to the full. 

Only when you take proper care of your website will you round off the entire story about using visuals to generate more customers. 

A convenient business website needs to be simple but informative. So, business owners should avoid packing their websites with too many visual details. When it comes to web design, sometimes less is more, claim the design experts from a web design company in Houston

Apart from restricted but useful content, make sure that your customers can easily navigate throughout your website. They need to be able to get back from every page directly to the homepage. Also, the key website sections need to be easily accessible from the homepage. 

Avoid adding unnecessary details to checkout sections and landing pages. For instance, don’t place ads on these sensitive pages and areas, because they might distract your visitors from making a purchase or perform any other action on your website. 

So, test your website before you launch it and make it available to the public to check how people use it. Once you fix the bugs and improve its UX-features, your website will be the main hub of your visual marketing. 

Small and mid-sized businesses need to start with the brand colors, logo, and fontsto become as recognizable as their larger colleagues., These are the first checkpoint of your digital presence. In addition to them, rely on original photos and videos, as well as on infographics and graphs to promote your business and present data relevant to your customers. 

Finally, take care of your website to make it as practical for your customers as possible. All these tips will make your business more competitive and visible in the market.