December 2, 2022


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3 of the Best Open Source Rapid Web Application Development Platform Builder

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A low-code development platform is an Open source rapid web application development platform Builder that creates and builds software using graphical wizards, unlike the usual method of developing apps using computer programming languages.

As a visual development tool to aid designers with drag-and-drop, components browsers and logic-builders, no-code or low-code or are used in many scenarios.

The core concept of no-code/low code is not new; in fact, programming without a code (PWCT) and related systems have been around for over a decade. However, developer communities did not find them to be very accessible or maintained.

1. Metabase:

Metabase is an accessible data-driven dashboard that works with a variety of database backends, including MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, and others.

It includes a layer for managing database records, modifying data, and applying a visual approach to manipulated records. It also has joins, numerous aggregations, complex filtering, and full-text search capabilities.

It’s the ideal solution for quickly constructing a database-ready dashboard with great efficiency and reliability for businesses. Charts, maps, SVG vector maps, analytics, and rich, thorough documentation for developers, users, and DevOps are just a few of the fantastic visual widgets included in Metabase.

2.  Teleport:

It’s a low-code development platform that’s available for free. Open source rapid web application development platform Builder allows content creators, designers, and developers to collaborate in real-time while creating responsive static websites visually and without writing any code.

Their drag-and-drop interface for swiftly adding and editing content blocks comes standard with their visual website builder. Users can also create reusable components with custom characteristics, as well as store templates and parts for later use.

The editor can produce code and responsive CSS layouts for the most popular JS frameworks like Next.js, Angular, Vue, and React as well as CMSs such as Gatsby.

The code generators’ SDK is the free source (available on GitHub). Developers can easily add new programming languages or frameworks to the platform this way.

3.  Timely:

Timely is a low-code platform for building scalable server apps that focuses on business. It’s available as an MIT-licensed open-source project.

Timely developed the blueprint concept, which integrates business processes, operations, and workflows in a single document. It has a blueprint ecosystem and storage that protects a significant amount of development resources.

Data is stored in a PostgreSQL database, while blueprints are recorded in JSON schemas. Developers can create blueprints by using JSON schemas to define their needs, business functions, and workflow.

Final Verdict:

No-code and low-code Platforms are gaining popularity due to their primary benefit: increased productivity. Open source rapid web application development platform Builder gave our users the option of choosing the best open-source platform for their work by listing the most widely used and popular open-source platforms.

If there is an open-source low-code or no-code platform that we ignored, please let us know in the comments area.Please feel free to contact us for mendix vs powerapps vs outsystems vs Wavemaker alternatives pricing and WaveMaker Mobile app development platform or open source low code application development platforms.